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SAMPLE onDemand

Premier Telephone Sampling Platform


Central Database

Central database for B2B, B2C and RDD sample with options for deduping, enrichment and other features.


Unique Platform

SurveyPlatform and Sample onDemand are the only platform that provides a centralized approach for all your telephone sampling needs.


Selection Criteria

More than 100 selection criteria for B2B, RDD and B2C are available for targeting your desired telephone sample.



Wir more than 10 years of telephone sampling experience, we certainly know what we are doing!


B2B, B2C or RDD?

Whether it is a consumer CATI or a B2B CATI project – our platform can cover all ranges.


Instand Delivery

Once the order is placed and sufficient data is available, the records are processed instantly and delivered to your email inbox.


SMS onDemand

Premier Mobile Survey System

SMS onDemand provides both mobile online and SMS surveys for more than 190 countries. The integrated sampling software is a 1-stop solution for mobile surveys.

What are SMS Surveys?

1-Way SMS

One Way SMS Surveys are a method used for creating online surveys that are mobile friendly. Instead of sending your survey via email, you can send a personal link to your participants’ mobile devices using SMS. This will allow your participants to access the survey via their mobile internet browser.

2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS Surveys also known as the “ping-pong” method uses questions in the form of SMS messages that allow us to gather the opinions of a large sample through an SMS dialogue which resembles a chat flow.


Coverage remains vital for SMS surveys. While most of the European and North American countries are covered, some countries do not provide access to 2-way SMS surveys or require a local entity to register a number. For these cases Sample Solutions provides alternatives to enable 2-way SMS surveys.

Worldwide Coverage

We offer global coverage of 1-way SMS surveys and are currently expanding coverage of our dynamic 2-way SMS surveys. The 2-way SMS survey platform gives you immediate access to unreachable individuals living in rural areas without landlines, and people without smartphones.

Customized Surveys

Don’t have time to create a survey? Not a problem! Our team can create and customize your questionnaire. Through our SMS Platform, you can choose features such as Opt-in, routing, opt-out and reminders. Check it out here and we’ll instantly send you an SMS survey.

Fast Response

Sample Solutions offers SMS Surveys in every language to respondents who answer in real time using any type of mobile phone. This gives you access to data collection for large audiences at an extremely fast and cost effective price, with an impressive rate of 50 SMS sent per second.

SMS Advantage

1-Way SMS


2-Way SMS

SMS Read

API onDemand

Get documentation


Adding geographical info

In many cases collected survey data is not sufficient to determine rural/urban status or determine further demographics. Our geocoding applications allows coding datasets with extra info like size of community or rural / urban status based on the postcode.


Remove inactive records

Our API for verification can remove invalid email address, phone numbers or even other contact information. During fieldwork it is then possible to eliminate manual cleaning time.


Enrich your dataset

Our enrichment API can add contact details based on consumer or b2b records. Besides that we can also check for information like cell phone number or landline number for the US.


Don't be shy

Our Skills

We provide high quality, detailed sample, data services, and technology solutions at a cost-effective rate to help you effectively accomplish your market research objectives. As a diverse team operating in more than 190 countries and in over 7 languages, we are a mainstay in the international research industry and are constantly exploring opportunities to better provide for our growing customer base.

Besides that we offer global SMS surveys for research agencies in more than 190 countries using either 1-Way or 2-Way SMS.

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+31 153010030

Feel free to reach us via our general phone number. An account manager will be there to help you out.

You can reach us via our email above – within less than 60 minutes we will get in touch with you.

Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider

Disappointed by the lack of local sampling knowledge in RDD sampling and lack of detailed B2B sample in the survey industry, we established Sample Solutions to address this gap and bring new insight to the industry to better meet the needs of market research companies.

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